Day 10: From Ystad to Bornholm
The legend says that when God was well near done with creating Scandinavia, he was left with a bit of superfluous material from the creation: a little water, earth, rifts, dales, fine-grained sand, and not least cliffs and large rocks. He threw it all into the heart of the Baltic Sea. Today, this little Danish island is known as Bornholm - our next destination.

We were down to the harbour before 8:00am to check-in for the Leonora Christina - a fast passenger-car ferry operated by BornholmerFærgen, which was to take us from Ystad to Bornholm. By half eight all those who had to be on boarded were on boarded, and the great beast moved slowly to the flat, calm sea. Typically, the first few minutes of departure are our favorite time. Exploring decks, learning our surroundings, getting accustomed to the persistent and loud cacophony of engines, are one of the greatest pleasures of our travels.

The journey due south was a distance of around 75 kilometres and it took 80 minutes to cross to Rønne on the south-western side of Bornholm. With its thirteen thousands of souls, it’s the largest town on the island, and one of the most visited cruise-liner destinations in Northern Europe.

Once ashore, we drove straight away to the tourist information to grab a map of Bornholm and then started our tour through Rønne’s crooked, narrow and cobblestone streets. Later, after setting into our cabin on one of the camping grounds, we spent the rest of the day driving around the island. I tried not to take my eye off the road, but it was hard not to be distracted by the beauty of natural surroundings, especially while we were rolling along the eastern coastline consisting of skerries and rocky beaches. Therefore, we had to stop a lot to enjoy spectacular views over the Baltic Sea. In the early evening, we went to see the origins of Bornholm - the ruins of the Hammershus, a medieval fortress built eight hundred years ago, which is also the testament of the importance of Borholm’s strategic location on the Baltic Sea.

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Here it is: the Baltic Sea. The place that had been in my memories since my early days. I’m closing my eyes and taking myself back to those days when as a young boy I used to spend the whole summers playing on its white beaches. It’s a small handful of experiences that made me feel happy.

Now, I’m coming back there after many years. I don’t know whether the area presents any interest at all for you, but if it does, let me take you with me and my family on our 6000 km long journey alongside its coastline.

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