Day 11: Bornholm
I and Sylwia were woken up halfway through the night. Klara was evidently displaying the symptoms of a stomach bug. Acute stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea kept us up until morning. The morning itself was damp with drizzle with moderate temperature. And Klara, with her digestive system still very delicate, was exhausted after sleepless night, and she needed to stay in bed. In such circumstances, there wasn’t much to do but to sit in our cabin, read and write up my notes.

In the afternoon the rain has stopped, so I did a quick drive around to grab a few shots. Wide rolling grasslands, idyllic woodlands, well preserved fishing villages, cosy marinas, small curved bays, dramatic rock formations, and characteristic round churches looked mysterious and secretive in the low mist that was still hanging over the island. Because of its warm summers, Bornholm is called the Sunshine Island, while because of its geology - the Rock Island. From the rugged north coast, through farmlands and forests in the middle, to the endless white sands of the south, it’s also an island of contrasts. In the summer season it is transformed into metropolis.

Klara’s stomach was still not happy, so our last day of the Episode IV ended in the emergency department in the hospital in Rønne.

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Here it is: the Baltic Sea. The place that had been in my memories since my early days. I’m closing my eyes and taking myself back to those days when as a young boy I used to spend the whole summers playing on its white beaches. It’s a small handful of experiences that made me feel happy.

Now, I’m coming back there after many years. I don’t know whether the area presents any interest at all for you, but if it does, let me take you with me and my family on our 6000 km long journey alongside its coastline.

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