Day 13: Stockholm
The time came to say our good-byes to the friendly Baltic Sea, and today was the last day of our entire journey. So, we took it easy, ‘savoured’ cloudy weather, walked a lot through pastel-colour Gamla Stan with its cluster of buildings, scouting out souvenir and craft shops, cafes, and, equipped with Stockholm Pass Cards, did other tourist stuff like checking out the city’s legendary Vasa Museum, visiting the Junibacken one, and taking canal tours.

The mission has been accomplished.

This is what the journey was about: beautiful moments shared with our family. And I want to live, experience and acknowledge more of them. It’s really about memories, the value of them, and the necessity of them for a happy life.
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Here it is: the Baltic Sea. The place that had been in my memories since my early days. I’m closing my eyes and taking myself back to those days when as a young boy I used to spend the whole summers playing on its white beaches. It’s a small handful of experiences that made me feel happy.

Now, I’m coming back there after many years. I don’t know whether the area presents any interest at all for you, but if it does, let me take you with me and my family on our 6000 km long journey alongside its coastline.

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