With one single spark of inspiration it all got started in mid-2012. Having made a decision to set out, I and my wife Sylwia spent weeks planning our project. It was like one of those ‘dot to dots’ activities where, by joining up a few dots, you reveal a beautiful butterfly. The more closely we looked at the map, the more the journey grew in size and scale, so we started thinking of simple steps we could take, decided to split it into a few Episodes, and, bit by bit, adding just enough focus, passion, discipline and determination, brought the journey to fruition.

The route begun in Stockholm, rolled to northern Sweden, then took us across the land of sauna - Finland, all the way south to Helsinki, and further down through the three Baltic republics - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. We continued our journey through Polish and German coastlines before traversing Denmark - home of the Little Belt, the Great Belt and the Øresund - three straits which drain and connect the Baltic Sea to the Kattegat, which drains further west through Skagerrak to the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. And finally, we cruised the ‘Swedish Riviera’, progressed north, and the circle was completed in Stockholm.

We wanted to do it, we said that we are going to do that, and we made it happened. We traveled for a total of 70 days returning to the region at various times between years 2013-2017 and covering more than 6000 kilometers of the coastline. And my God, there was so much to see and take in!

I hope you'll enjoy navigating through our little corner of the Internet and reading more about our adventure.

Much love to you and yours,
Michal Cichecki & Family
October, 2017

See us around the Baltic

Here it is: the Baltic Sea. The place that had been in my memories since my early days. I’m closing my eyes and taking myself back to those days when as a young boy I used to spend the whole summers playing on its white beaches. It’s a small handful of experiences that made me feel happy.

Now, I’m coming back there after many years. I don’t know whether the area presents any interest at all for you, but if it does, let me take you with me and my family on our 6000 km long journey alongside its coastline.

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