Where the Magic Happens by Caspar Craven

I enjoy reading about other people’s stories, because they prompt me to think about my own life. They have the power to alert my own belief in what’s possible, and serve as a spark of insight that keeps my brain on fire.

‘Where the Magic Happens’ by Caspar Craven is an exhilarating tale of an adventure, an inspirational book for all those who dream of more, a practical guide to show just how to make it happen, and a heart-warming example of an unconventional family life.

After five years of planning, Caspar, his wife Nicola, and their three small children, set off to sail around the world in a slow motion. The prospect of spending time together as a family, seeing their children grow, daily, in front of their eyes, was too big an opportunity for them to pass up. It led to two wonderful years of living their dream, during which they stopped in 84 different locations covering some 26 different countries and roughly 35000 ocean miles.

Having the courage to pursue true calling is what defines a life worth living. What we should fear the most is a ‘regret’. As someone said, if something is going to keep you awake at night, let it be the fear of not following your dreams.