Some people travel for the sheer tourist joy of going somewhere. Others, for nostalgic reasons to recapture memories of childhood trips with parents or grandparents, or to escape from daily routine. But for me, traveling isn’t only for seeing what’s outside. It’s really for developing a better sense of self-awareness. Thus, my adventures have personal reference, a connection to the rest of my life, and a sense of great value.

Visiting different corners of the world has set me down the path of what I wanted to create – meaningful projects that require a lot of myself. Along the way, I learned lessons that have altered the course of my life. Some were as simple as the acknowledgement of universal and un-written laws. Other, about the necessity of mastering precise skills. Often, it’s really about a single skill that helps us grow enormously without us even realizing the full extent of it. So, I’ve always treated the world as my classroom, soaking up lessons and stories to fuel my path forward.The goal is to learn things and use them forever, isn’t it?

Check out my little corner of the internet, and you will find here epic landscapes and moments that have accompanied me on my personal journey to understanding my own place in the world.

I hope, you will enjoy.
Michal Cichecki