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Another stepping stone

My around the word trip from 2011 was a solo adventure. It was just me and the world. The trip helped with a lot of things. I wanted to do it, I said that I’m going to do that, and I made it happen. As I gained confidence, ‘I did it’ became ‘What else can...


Cookies to savour

When I was a kid, I’d never dreamed I would live on horse farms in the United States, do safari in Kenya, travel around the world, circumnavigate the Baltic Sea, cross Canada by train and see a few other places. All these seemed remote and romantic. Over thirty years later, with my own daughters in...


Affection for passenger trains

‘In a modern world – as someone wrote – where traveling between destinations is viewed as a waste of time and resources, it’s hard to actually comprehend the beauty of some of the most spectacular rides on the planet. Far less comfortable, yet far more beautiful and interesting, the time spent between two destinations is...


Canada’s best window

‘The Canadian’ – a national treasure and a flagship of the VIA Rail passenger rail system, is called Canada’s best window, and am not even able to articulate beyond these words. Once you board, without the pressure of the clock, everything seems to run more slowly. It’s an amazing antidote to the evils of the...


The big days

Where does the magic happen? The best answer to this question arrived in the Caspar Craven’s book ‘Where the Magic Happens’. Let me share a few lines… ‘When you step outside your comfort zone, when you dare to imagine what you truly want for your life and create a compelling vision of that future. When...